About Us

Consolidated Glass Corporation was founded in 1967 by Mr. Calvin Braecklein from Baltimore, MD as a sister company to the original family glass business, Art Plate Glass. After starting the company in the late 1920’s, Calvin’s father, Ferdinand Braecklein, began a family tradition of working within the glass industry that has spanned five generations and includes current owner and president, Louis Merryman.

First Generation Consolidated Glass Corporation
Third Generation Consolidated Glass Corporation

Consolidated Glass Corporation originally entered the glass business as a fabricator of jalousie door glass and in the 1970’s expanded into a retail store fixture business that also offered local glazing work. Growing steadily, the company saw its first significant expansion in 1994 after current owner, Louis Merryman, purchased the business and made substantial investments in new cutting, edging and tempering lines. These investments allowed Consolidated Glass Corporation to expand into new markets including office partitions, handrail and high-end shower doors while specializing in high quality, quick turn glass projects.

The growth that was attained in these new markets allowed Consolidated Glass Corporation to continue investing in the business that in 2016 included a new tempering line as well as a fully automated robotic edging line. This continued progress has allowed Consolidated Glass Corporation to evolve into the premier, high quality fabricator in North America. The company expects to continue being a leader in glass fabrication for many generations to come.

Second Generation Consolidated Glass Corporation