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On Site Logistics Planning

Our experienced logistics coordinators are finding ways to make your job site deliveries as efficient as possible.

The amount of time spent dealing with issues on a job can make all the difference between making a profit and ending up in the red. To combat this reality, Consolidated Glass Corporation offers a wide variety of packing and delivery options that result in a seamless, headache free glass installation. From sequential packing methods to custom tag numbers, our team of experienced logistics coordinators are finding ways to make jobsite deliveries as efficient as possible.



Glass Fabrication

From 1/8” to 3/4”, Consolidated Glass strives to deliver a flawless product, each and every time.

Every job has different requirements. As a result a variety of different tools are needed to complete the task at hand. When it comes to custom glass fabrication, Consolidated Glass Corporation has these tools. By combining two cutting lines, robotic edging technology, multiple CNC machines and duel tempering furnaces, glass anywhere from 1/8” to 3/4” can be flawlessly fabricated to meet even the tightest tolerances.



Custom Design Sandblasting

From company logos to custom designs, learn how sandblasting is bringing artwork and glass together.

Sandblasted glass is produced by spraying sand as an abrasive at high velocities over the glass surface which gives the product a varying degree of translucency depending on the blast intensity. This gives the surface a rough texture greater than that obtained by etching, however with a protective coating applied (Clearshield) the surface looks and feels like etched glass at a much more reasonable cost.

A number of growing trends in the glass community have begun to emerge revolving around the desire to combine glass and artwork into one single component. While there are a variety of different methods to achieve this appearance, one of the more dependable techniques involves sandblasting custom designs onto the glass itself. With the help of our in-house design team, any design imaginable can be sandblasted onto the glass surface including company logos, corporate slogans, as well as artistic designs.

To achieve these looks, the required designs are printed out and laid on of the surface of the glass, with the areas that are to remain transparent masked for protection. Sand is then blasted at the product, with the degree of translucency varying based on the coarseness of sand and pressure being used.

If you have an upcoming job that requires custom sandblasting, than give us a call to find out how Consolidated Glass Corporation can make your project a success.



CNC Notching and Drilling

When accuracy matters, our experienced operators and precision equipment ensure perfection on every piece.

When precision matters, nothing can match the accuracy of a CNC controlled machine. When paired with our skilled operators, the multiple CNC machines Consolidated Glass Corporation have on site combine to deliver the most precise holes and notches available on the market. By using diamond-infused milling and drilling bits, teamed up with a fully integrated drafting system, perfection is the standard when it comes to custom fabrication.




Consolidated Glass offers notching of glass both on the edges and the interior. Our modern CNC equipment can cut.

Consolidated Glass offers notching of glass both on the edges and the interior. Our modern CNC equipment can cut perfect notches in any of our glass products.

If you have a glass project that needs notching, contact our Sales department to discuss pricing and information.



Edgework and Polishing

Our state of the art automated robotic line is delivering precise edgeworks including Pencil Polish and Flat Hi profiles.

From architects to homeowners, the industry agrees that high quality edgework is what can truly make the difference on a successful project. The eye catching nature of Cerium Oxide polished glass will standout and enhance any environment it is being featured in. Our state of the art, fully automated robotic edging lines, as well as the 6 additional Italian edging machines on site, combine to give Consolidated Glass Corporation the ability to provide some of the most precise edgework available in the market.

Click here to see the edgeworks currently offered by Consolidated Glass Corporation that can help on your next project-link to Website Content-Glossary of Edge Finishes.




Learn how heatsoaking is being used to reduce on site breakages.

When glass is heat treated (tempered) the possibility of nickel sulfide inclusions causing spontaneous breakage exists. Nickel sulfide inclusions which exist in heat treated glass undergo a phase change as a function of time and temperature. If the inclusion growth reaches the central tension core of the glass, the expansion of these inclusions may provide the proper environment (stresses in central core) to cause spontaneous breakage. Heatsoaking accelerates the growth of these inclusions if they exist, and provides greater assurance against nickel sulfide breakage.

Heatsoak testing consists of a three stage process that involves (1) a heating up, (2) a period of soak in which the glass is exposed to temperatures of 260˚ C and (3) a cool down phase. This is in accordance to the European Standard EN:14179-1:2005 which requires that the glass be taken to temperature for 2 hours with a +/- 10° C variance allowed. Thermocouples and process tracking verify the glass has remained at temperature for the required amount of time.



Glass Tempering

Our state of the art tempering ovens deliver the highest quality of glass possible.

Tempering glass is the final and most important step in the glass fabrication process. To properly temper glass, the product is exposed to temperatures of 620° Celsius for a set period of time, followed by a rapid cooling technique referred to as “quenching”. As the glass cools, the interior of the glass remains in tension while the outer surfaces go into compression, which work together to make the glass four to five times stronger than annealed glass. In addition, these layers combine to create a much safer break pattern when a failure of the glass occurs, breaking off into small, relatively harmless pieces.

To ensure the tempering process is being conducted properly, Consolidated Glass Corporation is third party certified by the Safety Glazing Certification Council, or S.G.C.C. This certification, along with our state of the art tempering oven and experienced operators, allow us to produce tempered glass in thicknesses from 1/8” to ¾. Give us a call today to see how Consolidated Glass Corporation can help with your tempered glass needs.