Edge Finishes

Swiped Edge: Lightly Abraded (** Automotive edge No. 4)
Seamed Edge: Abraded heavier than a swiped edge.(** Automotive Edge No. 3)
Arrissed Edge: Small bevel of width not exceeding 1/16″ at an angle of approximately 45° to the surface of glass.
Flat Edge: Cut edge of glass is flat and surface edges have aris edges.
Pencil Edge: (also known as round, weber, crown, semi-round, half-moon, diamond) Cut edge of glass slightly curved to form an arc of a circle of selected radius. Degree of roundness depends on machinery used. (** Automotive edge No. 1 – Limited to small shiners or wheel skips, ** Automotive edge No. 2 – Larger shiners permissible)
Bevel Edge: Surface edge of glass beveled to 1/8″ or more in width as required. Angle formed by intersection of the plane of the bevel with the face of glass is 3° to 10°. Nose of bevel left as cut unless finish is specified.
Miter Bevel: Cut edge of glass beveled to an angle of approximately 45° (unless otherwise specified); the knife-edge point is slightly arrissed. If required, the knife-edge can have a slight radius to form an arc of a circle when in contact with corresponding edge of another plate.

Definitions of the surfaces for edge finishes used above are as follows:

  • GROUND surface exhibits fine linear and random abrasion marks, rough in appearance.
  • SMOOTHED surface with a frosted appearance which defuses and reflected light.
  • POLISHED surface is reflective in appearance similar to the major surface of glass.